Roundup of good advice: digital strategy for authors

This is a regular feature of links to helpful content related to digital strategy for published authors, and other items of interest like interviews with other authors and book industry news.

  • Everyone’s an expert at something.  You, the published author, are certainly an expert at something as well, so join HARO (Help A Report Out), a free service, for the opportunity to become a quoted source in a story, effectively promoting yourself and your work.  There are lots of articles out there about how authors and others who are experts at something can leverage HARO.  This blog post, “How To Use HARO To Boost Your Visibility“, though targeted to online PR, is worth a read.
  • Good advice on good manners:  The 10 Commandments of Social Networking for Writers by Jason Pinter (if you’re on Twitter, you can follow him there). Jason Pinter is a literary agent with the Waxman Agency, and the bestselling author of the Henry Parker thriller series, as well as the upcoming Zeke Bartholomew series for Middle Grade readers and the Great Divide trilogy for Young Adults.
  • Although this is an article written for tech-savvy journalists, it has sage advice. It dovetails into discussions around platforms for author websites.  From Allan Hoffman, on “9 reasons to switch from Drupal to WordPress“.  The intro:

Yes, your content matters, but so does your choice of a content-management system (CMS). This choice can influence everything from how often you and your staff post stories to how much time — and money — you’ll need to spend wrangling bug fixes, compatibility issues and design snafus. Choose a CMS that’s a wrong fit, and you’ll regret it.



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