How to find literary fiction book bloggers to review your book

I’ve compiled here a list of resources to help you find a reviewer.  But first, a few important points to keep in mind when pitching a book blogger:

  • Look for the blogger’s query guidelines, outlining the process you should follow to propose your book for their review. The process might be to send an email. It might be to fill out an online form.
  • Offer only a free copy of your book.
  • When a blogger reviews your book, follow them on social media channels and retweet / share their updates that announce and promote your book’s review.
  • For more on how to craft a book review pitch, there are many articles and blog posts out there — check out Paula Krapf’s “7 Simple Steps to Getting Your Book Reviewed“. Continue reading

How to share your book on Google+

Recently there was the brief post “How to Share a Book on Google+” on’s Galleycat blog, and if your digital strategy as an author has evolved far along enough to include Google+ in productive fashion, then it’s well worth a read. It cites a post from the Inside Google Books blog (from Google), “Share Your Favorite Books with Literary Circles on Google+“. The exciting news is that Google has aligned its Google Books library with Google+ in a way that makes sharing easy.

Example from the Google blog

If you’re looking for an intro to Google+, Galleycat has some solid Google+ helpful posts for authors. A good starting point seems to be “Promotional Tools for Writers on Google+“. Also take a look through Mashable’s comprehensive introduction to Google+: “Google+: The Complete Guide“.

Other links of interest on this topic: